C-TPAT for Foreign Manufacturers

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C-TPAT for Foreign Manufacturers

Currently, C-TPAT for Foreign Manufacturers is open to manufacturers in Mexico, Canada and other Foreign Manufacturers by invitation only.
Manufacturer Qualifications:

•Be an active Manufacturer incorporated in Mexico or Canada. (Copies of the company’s certificate of incorporation must be made available upon request by C-TPAT personnel).

•Have an active U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Manufacturer Identification (MID) Number that is provided in the Online application process.

•Have a designated company officer that will be the primary cargo security officer responsible for C-TPAT.

•Commit to maintaining CBP C-TPAT supply chain security guidelines as outlined in the C-TPAT Manufacturer agreement.

•Provide CBP with a C-TPAT supply chain security profile, which identifies how the Manufacturer will meet, maintain and enhance internal policy to meet the C-TPAT Manufacturer security guidelines/criteria.*
*Failure to provide a comprehensive supply security profile will prevent further processing of the company’s C-TPAT application.

•You must apply for C-TPAT and complete the required supply chain security profile information via the C-TPAT Online Application Web Portal submission process.*

*Paper Applications for C-TPAT are no longer accepted and will not be processed.

Penalties for the providing of false information
The failure to provide true, accurate and complete information in an application may result in denial of this application. Severe penalties are provided by law for knowingly and willfully falsifying or concealing a material fact or using any false document in submitting this application. If you are found in violation of the terms and conditions of this program, we may cancel your privileges and you may be subject to fines, penalties and criminal charges.

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